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Before signing any contracts with another lending source, make sure you ask these questions.  We find that many of our clients rush to get the quickest money and it ends up costing them thousands of dollars when it’s time to pay back the lending company.  Your attorney will agree!

When Does Your Interest Stop?

Capital Financing’s interest TERMINATES in 12 months*… It’s Just That Simple!  Even if your case settles in 2 years, you only pay for 12 months.  You know the most you can owe from day 1.  When you call other company, ask them when their interest stops.   If they say when the case settles, that is your sign to call Capital Financing.

What Will I Owe When My Case Settles?

If a company can’t answer this question, then you should consider another company! 

What Are Your Interest Rates?

This is very important…If they won’t tell you or simply say 3.5%/monthly, then you need to ask if their interest compounds.  If they say they have compounding interest, you must call Capital Financing as our interest is SIMPLE and will save you thousands of $$$

How Much to You Charge to Get Me My Money?

Capital Financing charges $25 for FedEx or Wire. If you are a Georgia resident you can come to our Atlanta office and it’s free.  If you are charged more than $25, then they are making money on you.

If We Settle Our Case in 2-3 Months, is there an Early Payoff Penalty?

Capital Financing has NO early payoff penalty.   Most companies will charge you 4-6 months of interest even if you can pay them in 2-3 months.  Be careful of this and read your contract.

Always Ask If The Company You Are Calling is a Broker or a Company That Does Direct Cash Advances?

This is important as many clients call a company thinking they are like Capital Financing who does our own advances. What you will not know is that many websites are created by brokers and they will refer you to a company like Capital Financing. They will expect a 20% commission for the referral without telling you.   This commission will be added to your contract costing you hundreds if not thousands of extra fees to pay back.  Brokers are not transparent and companies are hoping you don’t read your contract.

Do You Run Credit or Employment Checks?

It is very common that the company you call will not do either.  Capital Financing doesn’t run credit or employment checks.  Our decision is solely based on the facts of your injuries and treatment you have received.  As long as you have an active case with a license lawyer, we will consider your legal advance.

How Long Does it Take to Approve?

This question is very difficult to answer directly.   The truth is, we can only approve your legal advance once we receive an application and medical records from your law firm.   Many times we can approve and provide you with your money the same day or the next day.  However, this will be 100% depend on your law firm and their ability to get us what we need.  We ask that you alert them of your desire to get a legal advance and that a representative from Capital Financing will be calling them.  Your help will help us approve you quicker. Any company that makes you a promise or guarantees same day, be wary of the reality of this happening.   They are only saying this to keep you from going to another company. The truth is, we all can approve the same day, but we all must have the attorney comply with our requests. 

Who Has to Sign The Contract?

We require both you and your attorney to sign the agreement.

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